–– PODCAST #7 – Life Lessons I’ve Learned in 20 Years

Thank you to Jenna Marbles! Credits to her, I just wanted to do this particular topic cause I’m gonna be 20 tomorrow (Dec 30.) and it’s exciting!

Life Lessons I’ve Learned in 20 Years:

1. Be Independent.

2. Learning languages is fun.

3. Learning to smile on every situation.

4. Thanking people that are kind to you.

5. Have respect. Respect everyone around you.

6. Having an opened mindset and understand/observing situation before doing shit.

7. Don’t give a fuck about what others think.

8. Don’t change yourself for anyone, it has to be for yourself.

9. Accept who you are.

10. Stop worrying and just let loose, relax.

11. Enjoy the little things while you still have em.

12. Appreciate the big things, and don’t live behind a camera all the time.

13. Learning, progressing is good so don’t listen to anyone if they tell you to stop doing what you doing.

14. Spend money, don’t be so stingy about that. If you use your money freely and with a good heart and mind, it’ll come back to you ten-fold.

15. Explore new things.

16. Don’t be afraid to jump-don’t be scared of new situations or environments

17. Learn to let go.

18. Accept what you’ve experienced in your life and embrace it. Don’t be something you’re not. BE who you are.

19. Saying your opinion aint a crime so do it/dont b e shy- be confident.

20. Love yourself.


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