I talk with Paranormal Thoughts Podcast Host, Dylan about Area 51!

Hiya Paranormal FOLKS! So I’m actually making a blog about this one and not just, pasting stuff from Soundcloud. But Yeah, I actually got a guest for this podcast which is very exciting! I was quite nervous when we were recording cause I’ve never interviewed anyone before and I’m not really good at talking to people I don’t know but somehow it worked out and I’m really happy I can upload this for you guys to listen to! I hope you guys like it and I hope you check out Dylan’s Paranormal Thoughts Podcast, he has some great content on his channel so check him out!

There is another podcast with Dylan underway which will be up next week so I hope you guys anticipate that! Thank you for listening and I hope you guys leave us a comment or a review cause that would be amazing!

Check out Dylan here!





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