I just looked at my statistics on soundcloud cause I had to for this network i’m joining and I just wanna say Thank you to all my listeners. I had 39 plays yesterday and I feel so loved, I can’t even explain how thankful I am that you spent some of your time listening to my podcast, It means so much to me and I hope that you guys continue to listen to my upcoming episodes~ I know sometimes its all over the place, I’ll do better and I’ll just make points so I wont get lost.

Honestly before when I first started the podcast, like wAAAAAY back in november when the oddlypodcast was just this fetus that I conceived in mi head and to soundcloud and itunes, I used scripts and it did not work, I was better at being spontaneous and doing impromptu speech and stuff that I just had to SCRAP the 3 episodes I did and start over. Scripts just dont work for me, so what I did after that was FIND A SPECIFIC THOUGHT that i want then discuss it, but I think if i do that ITS ALL OVER THE PLACE. so my new strategy would probably be just to make this index card with points  I wanna talk about so I don’t get lost (i mostly do get lost dont judge me), and I hope it works.


I really want to make more good content for you guys, and also for me. I love talking and I love discussing topics and things that I like AND TO OTHER PEOPLE WHO LOVE THE STUFF THAT I LIKE, let’s all be weird together.


They do say that being weird is okay, so being weird means ur unique and thats cool right? so let’s all be weird, or GET WEIRD as little mix says. I hope you guys check out my next episode which I’ll probably upload next week, which is all about Collateral Beauty, a movie by Will Smith and i hope you guys go see it before listening to the podcast ^^



And lastly,


Thank you.


Seeing people listening to my podcast gives me life, and gives me more motivation to do what I do, what I love even more, so :’) continue listening, my awesome fam. Ilyguyssss

xoxo, jemcast


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