Collateral Beauty – Review (idk how to do one but here i go)

Hello Reader! Yesssss, that title is right, you are going to be reading all about Will Smith’s movie Collateral Beauty. I watched this movie two days ago and I’ve been wanting to watch it for a while, ever since the trailer came out in november. I watched the trailer as well while before watching a movie in a theatre and me and my best friend, Maica, wanted to watch it together but we didn’t have time cause the movie got released in January here in our country. And I was vacationing at that time, which was so effin sad. BUT I FINALLY GOT TO WATCHING IT and i must say, I like the movie in general, but there were a lot of misconceptions/misleading things about it.

I did an ALL OVER the place review about it on my podcast that I’ll upload on Monday. I’ll add it here once I do upload it! I talked about it in the podcast and how I felt about it, and what my thoughts were. And there are a lot of spoilers in the podcast, so if you want just go and watch the movie then listen to my podcast lol. I talked about some plot points, and some cliff notes, and what the movie really was about (you’ll get what I mean if you watch the trailer then go watch the movie)




The reason why I think I wanted to watch Collateral Beauty was because of how the Trailer looked. And It reminded me so much of the Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, and that movie with BARBIE AND the other movie starring Jim Carrey. It reminded me about this entities that came and visited this person that needed a change in their life, and I thought, Heck yeah it’s gonna be this ‘OH MY GOD YOU GOTTA CHANGE PERSON CAUSE U TREAT OTHERS AROUND U LIKE TRASH’ stuff cause of the sending of letters and stuff to Love, Time and Death.




It wasn’t exactly how they portrayed it to be on the trailer, which kind of sucked cause I think it mislead everyone. And the way that the cast explains the summary of the movie in interviews is not really what happened in the movie. NOT TO SAY THAT THE MESSAGE OF THE MOVIE WASNT GOOD. it was good, very good. IT reminded me of the message that Hamilton brought out from songs Blow Us All Away to It’s Quiet Uptown.

The movie is FAR MORE complicated than it is from the trailer, like WAAAAAAAAAAY FAR AWAY. not to say that i didn’t like the movie, i liked it despite of the complications and the total misleading stuff that they did. The summary that they described the movie as is like icing on cake. It’s there, and it’ll remain there till you notice it AND EAT IT. (that totally didnt make any effin sense)


The movie did have the Letter thing to love, time and death. And yeah the characters portrayed by Helen Mirren (Brigitte), Keira Knightley (Amy), and Jacob Latimore (Raffi) were indeed Death, Love and Time And that they were the HIRED ACTORS, ACTING AS ACTORS BUT WERE ACTUALLY dEATH TIME AND LOVE and stuff, and they make u see it at the end of the movie, like u were supposed to be surprised or some stuff. WELL DUH IREALLY THOUGHT THEY WERE BECAUSE OF THE TRAILER, then in the movie like the first half, YALL MADE IT LOOK LIKE THEY WERENT. It was all very confusing.


And not to mention the fact that the movie surrounds an idea between Will Smith’s Character’s co-workers/partners to like sell the company or something. Simon, Whit and Claire (portrayed by Michael Peña, Edward Norton and Kate Winslet) devise this plan to make Howard (Will Smith) look mentally unstable. Cause you know that Howard’s daughter died, and the beginning of the film he looked real happy, then it transitions to 3 years later where Howard has looked worse than he was 3 years ago, his hair’s all white and he looked depressed af.

ThE DOMINOS THOUGH MAN. THOSE DOMINOS I WANT TO LEARN HOW TO STACK EM UP ALL NiCE AND PRETTY LIKE THAT CAUSE OH MY GOWWWWWDDDDD, I wanna buy A TON of Dominos now and just make it look like that cAUSE DAMN, props to people who have patience for that.

But anyways, Whit like meets Amy and then the rest of the entities TURNED ACTORS ACTING to be normal humans and then they hire em to PORTRAY THEIR ENTITIES SELF making em Love Time and Death.

You would notice the like subtle hint that this was indeed a plan by the trio, with Brigitte telling Amy “GREAT JOB.” or something like that after Whit leaves. and throughout the movie, you see that ALL OF THE TRIOS Are partnered with the other trio. Death with Simon, Amy with Whit and Claire with Raffi. Simon had cancer, Whit lost his daughter’s trust (she hated him) after Whit cheated on his wife and filed for divorce,  Claire spent all her time into their company that she didnt have time to start a family. Which In the end got MIRACULOUSLY noticed by Howard (which was weird but okay). So yeah i think they were subtly trying to push that idea of entities and stuff into that. plus the scene with the collateral beauty thing, totally obvious.


And that whole twist with Madeleine (Naomie Harris) just… I can’t even start. I KNEW, I FUCKING KNEW that they were husband and wife AS SOON AS he couldn’t say his daughter’s name after that group counseling session was over. I immediately wondered out loud as Howard tried to compose himself ‘OH MY FUCKING GOD WHAT IF THEY HUSBAND AND WEYF, well i think they are, well thanks for spoiling it for me, me.’


and that’s exactly what it was.


props to the actors though, their acting was really effin beautiful. just the writing was all over the place. MAYBE ITS JUST ME. BUT I STILL FUCKING LOVE THE MOVIE, i love the message although I got tricked into it, i’m cool with that, BUT YEH



that was some of my review, the rest of it is on my podcast WHICH WILL BE UP ON MONDAY (i’ll place it here as SOON as i finish uploading it) thank you for reading this and i hope i havent spoiled it for ya!




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