Let’s Talk About Amber Liu (and a lil bit of Taeyeon)

Amber Liu, you are an inspiration, and I, am one OF YOUR BIGGEST FAN SINCE 2009. I love your Solo music, all OF THEM LIKE LITERALLY ALL OF THEM, and i talked about it with my co-host, Need To Feel Needed was such a beautiful song, It’s got good rhythm AND THE BEAT WAS DAMN GOOD, and the music video + shannon was a masterpiece…. I NEED MORE OF THAT MUSIC AND MV PLS THANKS. I really hope that you can make the music that you want to do, to focus on your music and not on other stuff, us your fans, internationally, locally, other worldly, ARE HERE FOR YOU NO MATTER WHAT, we fREAKING LOVE YOU AMBER LIU, YOU ARE A GENIUS, you got that mad songwriting skills AND IT SUCKS THAT SM ENTERTAINMENT DOESNT SEE THAT, SMENT YOU DONE FUCKED UP, SM YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH SO MUCH SHIT I CANT EVEN FUCKING START. Amber Liu dESERVES SO MUCH LOVE AND CARE IN THE WORLD SO PLEASE TREAT HER RIGHT, TREAT f(x) RIGHT, I want Amber to have like Taeyeon’s album ‘my voice’ that just has such a good themed cohesive track flow- I KNOW SHE CAN DELIVER SO LET HER DO WHAT SHE WANTS TO DO, AND NOT THAT SHAKE THAT BRASS CRAP but that Beautiful, Love Run, Heights SONGS OKAY, YOU HEAR ME SMENT- TREAT YOUR PEOPLE RIGHT

Cause we’re all here JUST WAITING FOR HER, THE FANS NEED HER MUSIC, okay thanks bye


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