13 Reasons Why you should listen to this podcast

13 Reasons Why You Should Listen To The Oddly Intriguing Podcast

1. It’s awesome
2. It’s hosted by one of the dankest, funniest, weirdest Host’s you’ve ever heard of
3. It’s a total fuck show, we’re here to have fun and talk about topics we like
4. Features Tyler of the Pizza Bros Podcast
5. Our Beats are created by Host, Kim herself.
6. We make awesome photoshop cover art cause we’ dope like that
7. We support Kpop and the Kpop RP world CONGRATS TO BTS
8. We’re cool
9. Kim is Filipino and slays that american accent
10. Admit it, you laugh everytime Kim laughs
11. Tyler’s nerd and comic book knowledge is dope af
12. We’re straight up honest
13. We’re a part of the Ace Podcast Network


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