Hey guys! So I broke my laptop weeks ago. And it freaks out on me lots. I have to place it in front of a fan in order for it to not overheat.  THANKS TO TYLER FOR handling uploads for now, cause I dont think i’ll be able to upload anything soon. I’m still waiting for my new laptop to arrive.


I decided to make a RADIO SHOW and there I play music that I like, and also enumerate top 10 hits from either billboard or kpop charts. And you’re probably thinking? thats like podcasting- ah no- With podcasting I want to minimize the noise as much as possible, with radio I can easily cover it up, with podcasts I cant- no matter how much digital editing and splicing I do 😦 I’ll COME BACK SOON GUYS I SWEAR

I’m still having issues with my laptop, it suddenly shut downs when it wants to or overheats- so I really hope that I can come back soon cause I miss talking to you guys :((





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